Thursday, April 17, 2008

のだめカンタービレ 新春スペシャル IN ヨーロッパ

Well, glad to be able to finally watch this special edition after watching the Nodame Cantabile drama in 11 episodes. This Japanese drama is actually derived from a manga titled Nodame Cantabile by Ninomiya Tomoko. Ueno Juri is Noda Megumi, who is the lead actress in the drama. Oh my, how big she has grown! I first watched her in Engine, then Orange Days and finally Swing Girls movie. I literally watch her mature into a lead actress now.

As for the lead actor, Tamaki Hiroshi, I first watched him in Last Christmas. I don't really like his character in that drama so he did not leave a good impression in me. However, playing the lead actor in this drama as Chiaki Shinichi with such humour, you just want them both to be together.

This special, called Shinshun Special in Europe is basically two long episodes after they graduated in Japan and proceeded to Europe to further their music careers as pianist and conductor. You will have beautiful sceneries of Vienna, Prague, Paris to enjoy.

Well, I hope they will further make Part 2 and so forth as the manga is ongoing too. It will be good if it follows the manga to the end. I always enjoy comedy dramas. This is one of the best out there. I will definitely recommend you guys to check it out.


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