Saturday, October 18, 2008


It is strange but I can't help asking the question which will never be asked of England before Capello took over as coach.

"When are they gonna lose? How long will the unbeaten run last?"

Before Capello took over, the questions we will ask will be:

"Can England qualify for the World Cup?"

It is strange as I see how they perform now. They were the underachievers just like Spain. Now, both of them are unbeaten and look far more convincing than France, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands, which are normally more stable than England. For Spain, I guess they finally found the confidence and balance in the squad. England found their own skills under Capello. Capello opens up as well as push your talent beyond its limits with his mentality and physical training. The best thing is he can make full use of the talents available, creates the best team work possible around it and build a super confident solid team. If you tell me England can become what it is today before Capello joined, I would declare you are insane. Now, with him at the helm, it is incredible! I was expecting him to take more time before getting results but the response was faster than what I expected! Yes, the genuine question to ask now is:

"How far can they go?"

Let's just see how far Capello can go with his first ever stint as a national coach. If he can go all the way to win the World Cup, I bet he will be called Sir Fabio Capello in no time and he will forever be enshrined as the most legendary coach of this era and perhaps the best in football history.


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