Thursday, October 30, 2008


Toyota and Ferrari were the first to oppose to the decision to use a single engine to cut costs in Formula 1. I disagree too as there is no much difference already between teams. The diversity will be lost. There is no difference already who you support as the core ingredient of every car is the same. What is the point of having a race anymore? Of course, if the proposal is carried forward, every team has a better chance to win, especially the poorer teams. Competition may become more fairer in a sense.

The race goes into the final leg of the season with Hamilton (94 points) and Massa (87 points) fighting it out in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Will the home advantage help Massa or will Hamilton finally win it after he failed last year at the very last race?

Hamilton versus Massa - the title permutations for Brazil
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Either McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton or Ferrari’s Felipe Massa will be crowned 2008 drivers’ champion at this weekend’s Brazilian Grand Prix. With a seven-point lead, Hamilton is very much the favourite, but as we saw at Interlagos last year - when outsider Kimi Raikkonen came from behind to win - anything is possible. Here is what each man needs in order to take the title…

Hamilton will be champion if:
- He finishes fifth or higher
- He finishes sixth and Massa is second or lower
- He finishes seventh and Massa is second or lower
- He finishes eighth and Massa is third or lower
- He fails to score and Massa is third or lower

Massa will be champion if:
- He wins and Hamilton finishes sixth or lower
- He finishes second and Hamilton is eighth or lower

If the pair are tied on points at the end of Sunday afternoon (which would happen is Massa wins with Hamilton sixth, or if Massa finishes second with Hamilton eighth), Massa would win the title by virtue of more victories (six to Hamilton’s five) or more second-place finishes (three to Hamilton’s two).

In the constructors’ championship, Ferrari’s 11-point advantage over McLaren heading to Brazil puts them in a powerful position, while BMW Sauber’s 10-point deficit to McLaren means they still have an outside chance of stealing second place.


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