Thursday, October 16, 2008


Well, I'm shocked as well when I read the news. Look at the photo in the article! The car must be running out of control or the driver was extremely drunk or overdosed with something.

Talking about furious driving, I watched Death Race many weeks back. I was at the cinema with Lee Ling and we were so bored. We were considering Painted Skin or Death Race. We have no idea which movie is better so we decided to use Scissor, Paper, Stone to decide what movie to watch. We ended up watching Death Race.

Well, it is a prison race, I take back my word on the fenced Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix. This is literally a prison race with a twist of pay tv to earn provit. Jason Statham starred in the movie. I always have difficulty hearing him speak as it always appears to me that he is whispering. Prison warden Joan Allen is the evil bitch in the movie, taking control of the entire prison and behind the death race.

Jason Statham was a great race driver so they purposely sent out someone to kill his wife so he would be framed for doing it. This is to force him into the prison to take part in the Death Race because one of the best drivers ever in the prison, Frankenstein was dead. Since he was masked all the time, anybody can take over his position as long as the person is a real damn good driver. Jason Statham was offered to take over in exchange of his freedom from the prison.

The super hot Natalie Martinez is his navigator in the race just as she was for the previous Frankenstein. They have a team for every driver and Statham was using the Ford Mustang. The cars or machines should I call them are equipped with lotsa ammo and shields. Some of them even have missiles. They made the race into a fantasy video game with the possibility to activate weapons and shields once you drive through the activation buttons on the floor. Whoever managed to capture it first will have the shields or ammo activated according to which you got.

Well, I wouldn't say it is the best movie out there but the way they set it up is really interesting. I mean the crazy things they do blasting each other with weapons to literally kill them to survive the race was not what I had expected before the movie. I recommend this movie for those who can accept crazy plots to race movies. Kinda cool but not a must watch from me.


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