Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Excerpts from The Star article, Fuel price plan on Monday - either set floor level or float:
"Shahrir said Fomca had proposed that the petrol floor price be set at RM3 per litre to encourage the prudent use of petrol, promote the use of public transport and push for development in alternative energy."

Can someone tell me whether it is a typo? I mean is it RM1.50/2 instead of RM3 or is it ceiling instead of floor?

Encourage the prudent use of petrol? Promote the use of public transport? Push for development in alternative energy?

First and foremost, with RM3 as FLOOR PRICE, only the super rich will use petrol. We are already extremely PRUDENT in using petrol now because the rest of the things in the country have shot sky high in prices.

Secondly, public transport is almost non-existence in Malaysia, especially in rural areas (Sabah & Sarawak). In the city, the super jam, dirtiness and lousy maintenance and non-efficiency are reasons why people are not using it! They are also not much cheaper now because they use fuel too, duh! The current situation is already clearly showing that bus and taxi fares have increased significantly. They give excuse that maintenance costs and the spare parts costs are rising. Therefore, please explain to me how will people switch to public transport once the price shoots up to RM3?

Finally, alternative energy is great but I don't see any concrete and excessive investments and research fundings by the government to do it. All talk and more talk but no results.

What does FOMCA stand for anyway? FEDERATION OF MALAYSIAN CONSUMERS ASSOCIATIONS. Basically I think they don't really represent ordinary consumers at all. Last time when fuel price shoots up to RM2.70, prices of almost anything in Malaysia shot sky high and inflation was out of control and is still not recovered yet. If it is to shoot to RM3 now, I think all hell will break loose. I think I will have to start to grow my own food, buy a bicycle as well as consider migrating seriously with crime rate increasing out of control.

In conclusion, I may not have economics background but RM3 per litre as floor price is DAYLIGHT ROBBERY!


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