Sunday, November 09, 2008


Samuel Eto'o and Gonzalo Higuaín scored four goals this weekend to give both clubs a win each in the La Liga. Eto'o did it in an even more impressive fashion by scoring all four goals in the first half of the match! This could be a football record.

Barcelona won convincingly 6-0 against Valladolid while Real Madrid have to come back three times to force a 4-3 victory against Málaga. Barcelona continue their supreme form despite getting a new coach, Pep Guardiola while Madrid continue to be in deep shit as they entered the match with three defeats in their last five outings. The win will help sustain Schuster's job for a while. It is really impressive how Barcelona changed so drastically by just dismantling one core member (Ronaldinho) of its Dream Team. They are learning faster than Real Madrid during the Galaticos era which I applaud them!

Meanwhile, Arsenal killed Manchester United at home with a brace from Samir Nasri, the guy whom everyone said will be the next Zidane. I hope to hear more from him as he has been rather quiet since his transfer this season. I also did not see him much during the EURO2008. This should a relief for Wenger who had some bad matches results recently. Liverpool moved top with a convincing 3-0 victory against West Brom (Robbie Keane double).

Chelsea have the chance to share the top position tonight if they manage to beat Blackburn tonight. They hold a much better goal difference record currently so they can take the lead. I will also keep watch of Tottenham tonight to see if their superb run will continue against Manchester City. The latest match saw Darren Bent grabbing a hat-trick against Dinamo Zagreb with a 4-0 victory at home in the UEFA Cup.


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