Sunday, November 30, 2008


Manchester City VS. Manchester United

Chelsea VS. Arsenal

Roma VS. Fiorentina

Can Manchester City repeat what they did against Manchester United? The other two clashes are also as big and will be the focus of the day.

When will Calderon & Mijatovic resign or Schuster being sacked? Real trouble in Real Madrid, everything is going so wrong right now. Injuries piling up and morale at all time low and next match's clash against Sevilla will mostly force someone to resign or being sacked if it is not done already soon. The management in Real Madrid is all messed up yet again. What is new? I hope a new sustainable management will come real soon. Barcelona on the other hand are running crazy with impressive results. The Yin and Yang of the La Liga, it has to always balance out somehow, how very strange but it is so true.


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