Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Segunda B club, Real UniĆ³n humiliated Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey and now they are in crisis. I have since last season when Bernd Schuster took over said that what he inherited was a team well built by Capello. He is not the reason for their success in the league last season. He just took over a very high morale and well united squad. However, the team did not last long and we can slowly see the difference this season. They are sinking so low and we see again players not united yet again. They will never learn, the cycle repeats again. I strongly believe if Capello had not been sacked, they could have captured their 10th Champions League crown last season.

"If it is not yours, don't claim it is yours. Time will tell. Give credit to whom it is dued"
quote by DieHardX

Things are not going well lately for Chelsea and Liverpool too. Chelsea lost to Burnley in the League Cup while Liverpool were defeated yet again by Tottenham Hotspurs. How much longer will Tottenham keep going on with their great form? Only God knows and their unbeaten run has gone to 6 matches now.


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