Sunday, February 15, 2009


Alright, I really don't know the formal spelling or name of this fish in proper English. Bungalan is the spelling I give literally from how we pronounce it locally. This fish is the second most expensive fish in Sarawak. It costs RM600 per kilogram. I know the most expensive fish is RM1000 per kilogram. Damn, it is more expensive than eating cod fish or Wagyu / Kobe beef!

(RM600 = 128.43 EUR / GBP115.18 / USD166.21 / SGD250.34)
(RM1,000 = 214 EUR / GBP191.97 / USD277.01 / SGD417.19)


It is very risky to cook this fish up to the standard. Imagine if you are to spoil it with your unskilled culinary arts. You better give it to a more qualified cook to cook or you will waste a lot of money paying for this fish!


I don't know why this fish costs so much. It must be very rare to find them these days which caused the price to shoot up to RM600 per kilogram now.


It looks like any ordinary fish I can find in the market. Nothing spectacular or special which you can tell that it is so different.


Well, I tried the fish and basically the flesh is extremely tender, sweet and soft. However, too much of it will make me sick. I was probably full that day. The bones are quite big so it is not too difficult to consume every part of the fish.


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