Thursday, February 05, 2009


The incredible stories surrounding Malaysian politics these days should inspire script writers to create movies to depict the interesting events. The Red Cliff, the famous battlefield story from the Three Kingdoms, is a good example of how strategies determine the victory or defeat. In fact, the whole Romance of the Three Kingdoms is about strategies, no matter how much cheating is involved. The whole story can be summed up as backstabbing. The amount of backstabbing in the story is incredible although there are some form of loyalty too, but very minimal.

The latest drama in Malaysian politics, The Fall Of Perak, should also be turned into a movie. It could turn out to be a great blockbuster hit! It has so many twists and turns that it should interest the world. Now, let's get back to reality. Will Perak fall or will it not? What will happen to Perak? Everyone is eager to know the Sultan's decision. The fate of Malaysia's democracy is at stake here.


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