Monday, February 16, 2009


Two goals in the latest match against Sporting Gijon gave Raul a total of 309 club goals in all official competitions, surpassing the previous record of 307 held by the mythical Alfredo Di Stefano. It was Raul who introduced me to Spanish football in 1998. I was so excited at watching him scoring those goals in front of goal that I took him directly as my favourite footballer. I don't even know how big Real Madrid were, how many goals Raul had scored before I noticed him or whatever records that the club and the player are having. I just like to watch him play and score goals then. It was funny how I started watching Spanish soccer in such a way. It is the same way how I noticed Alan Shearer back in 1995.

Oh well, Raul may not have scored as many goals as Di Stefano if you count by the amount of matches played but you are comparing two totally different eras. Puskas in those days had probably the most incredible goal/match ratio of all time and probably of all footballing history (953 goals in 971 appearances,from the age of 12 until 40 years old, his efficiency is 98.146%). Raul's record came late because of the purchase of Ronaldo, which forced him to play a supporting role behind him and at times becoming an attacking midfielder instead. Raul could have done more if he was given his original role in the club. He is still not given the many chances he deserves for Spain. Despite all these obstacles, Raul can still achieve so many incredible records. Hats off to him!

AC Milan’s Paolo Maldini who himself last night took part in what should be his very last derby, said: “Raul is an icon of Spanish and world football."

“He has won everything with Real Madrid and he has always been a reference point for all young forwards. He is a positive example of a football champion.

“His professionalism and his constant dedication in training is just one of the many characteristics of a true champion.

“Of all the goals he has scored and the successes he has had, surpassing Di Stefano’s record is, of course, one of his most important achievements and he has now rightly earned his place in the club’s history books.

“I congratulate him and I send him my best for the future, as I believe he still has a lot to give to Spanish and international football,” the 40-year-old affirmed.

The Juventus captain, Alessandro Del Piero, widely regarded as Italy’s version of Raul, believes that ‘El Siete’ will continue shattering more records.

“308 official goals is an historic, unique and incredible achievement and surely it is just another step for a great champion who has demonstrated, over the years, his great qualities,” he told news agency.

“I am sure he will continue to show that for a long, long time,” he added.

The Arsenal captain, Cesc Fabregas, and the future of Spanish football, was equally in awe of his countryman.

“For my generation and the younger generation of Spanish players, Raul has always been an example. His goals, his determination, his work ethic has always been at the same level for many years and he represents continuity,” he professed to EFE.

Cesc then went on to recall one of the striking memories he shared with Raul: “I remember this one moment very well during the 2006 World Cup [after were eliminated by France].

“I could not bear being so helpless after losing and Raul, who had already changed after he was substituted, came to the pitch to console me. He was always there for us when we needed him.

“Raul is a reference to all football players around the globe. In every corner of the world, his image is synonymous to that of Real Madrid. I congratulate him for creating history by scoring so many goals,” he concluded.

In addition to his record 309 goals for Los Blancos, Raul is also Spain’s current leading scorer with 44 goals, the Champions League’s top marksman with 64, and the highest goalscorer in all UEFA official club competition with 66. And with 685 appearances for Madrid, he is closing in on Manuel Sanchis’ record of 712.


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