Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Football seems to be taking a backseat at this blog lately. Yeah, I don't see anything interesting to comment or complain about. Everything seems to be slow because of the transfer window and the lack of big stage European football competition. Anyway, I'm shocked that Scolari has been sacked so soon. He blamed the inability to capture Robinho as a reason why they cannot revive the old squad. Well, I don't know whether capturing him will make such a big difference but it is true Chelsea look like an old tired squad to me currently. Scolari to Manchester City and Hiddink / Grant / Rijkaard to Chelsea? Let's sit back and watch.

As for Mijatovic, I hope he gets the sacking soon. I am tired and sick of his stupid comments and excuses. Please just admit that you suck at football management and get out of the club for the sake of the club. As for the possible return of Perez as president, I don't really like that piece of news at all. Please find more better candidates to be president. I don't want a repeat of another long nightmare in Real Madrid. Ribery is currently linked with a summer move to Madrid for next season. At this point of time, I am not convinced and I believe there is no credibility in that piece of news / rumour.

As for Beckham, will he or will he not be staying at the old folks' home? I do not dare to say whether Milan should recruit him as it is just too early to say he will be vital for the squad. Beckham has the chance though to show his worth with the incoming derby match against Inter. Striker Arshavin finally signed for Arsenal and it could be the best timing for Wenger as Adebayor could be out for three weeks. Let's see how good this Russian striker can be in the Premier League. Meanwhile, The News of the World claims that Cesc Fabregas, Emmanuel Adebayor and Robin van Persie will hand in transfer requests if Arsenal finish outside the top four this season. I don't know how true that piece of news is but I know many players are losing their patience with Wenger.


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