Sunday, March 01, 2009

6+5 OR 4+7?

If FIFA's 6+5 Rule Gains Momentum, Who Will Be The Biggest Losers?

Should FIFA impose the Sepp Blatter-envisaged 6+5 legislation the Premier League will become the biggest loser.
26 Feb 2009 13:27:32

Those opposed to the controversial 6+5 ruling - which dictates that six out of the 11 starters for a specific club should be eligible to play for its respective national team - claim that it contravenes employment law.

However, murmurs today suggest there is nothing untoward with the intricacies of the proposed ruling. Should FIFA pursue with the legislation, then the world of football could witness the first stage of 6+5 in the 2010-11 season; an enforced 4+7 ruling.

According to Sky Sports, the Premier League is set to be the biggest loser, as nearly two-thirds of its footballers are non-English.

Premier League
Serie A
Primera Division

The Premier League therefore may need to alter its transfer policies in the upcoming windows, or indeed take a more hands-on approach in bringing through their academy products.

No-one, it seems, may be more acutely aware of this than Arsene Wenger. It is no secret that Arsenal have a multi-national squad, and the team that started their round of 16 Champions League clash against Roma midweek contained zero Englishman.

The Frenchman though, has been quick to remedy this. Theo Walcott was brought from Southampton three years ago, while there is a distinct focus on young English talent in the club's academy.

Jack Wilshere is regarded as not just a promising future player for Arsenal, but also for England, and the club's Carling Cup team has a heavy English flavour.

Alan Dawson,

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