Wednesday, May 13, 2009

RON95 COMING SOON ON SEPTEMBER 2009 the cinema, erm I mean petrol station near you

RON95 petrol 'good for all vehicles'

PUTRAJAYA, May 13 - Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaakob said the RON95 petrol to be introduced on Sept 1 is good for all vehicles.

"Motorists are urged to switch to RON95 as it is good for any type of vehicle, from cheap cars to luxury ones. You don't need to use RON97," he told reporters at his office here today.

Ismail Sabri however said it was up to motorists if they wanted to use RON97 petrol.

He announced yesterday that RON95 will be sold at RM1.75 per litre on Sept 1 as an alternative to RON97 which will be raised to RM2 per litre.

RON97 petrol will become a premium product while RON92 will be removed from the market. - Bernama

Someone by the name of Shepherd commented:
The Minister has got his facts wrong. The move to introduce RON 95 is part of the Government's strategy to not subsidize RON 97 petrol anymore by claiming that it is premium product. I worked in the oil industry for 20+ years and we looked at introducing RON 95 several times before. Unfortunately, RON 95 is only good for the high powered cars. More than 80% of cars in Malaysia are below 1500 cc and they need a petrol which is at least 97 RON failing which all the Proton and Perodua models in particular will struggle on the road. Ironically, these are also the people who will be hardest hit when the price of RON 97 is freely floated in the market. The people who drive 2000cc cars etc will have no problem with RON 95 as their engines are powerful enough already.

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