Thursday, May 21, 2009


What will happen if in the English Premier League next season, you see Manchester United and Liverpool struggling after the first 5 matches of the season without getting a single point, not to say a win. Then you have Hull City and Sunderland at the top of the league with full 15 points from 5 matches? What can cause such a surprise outcome? Well, probably the introduction of rules to make all clubs equal. One rule is a club must have at least 8 English players and of which 3 must be from the youth system. Then, another rule is no transfer fee higher than 5million pounds can be done by any clubs ever again. Finally, the FA announced that all tickets and tv broadcast rights will cost the same across all the stadiums in the Premier League.

This is probably the fate of how the Formula 1 is coming to now. They are trying very hard to introduce all kinds of rules to make the competition more even. You have teams like Ferrari and McLaren struggling in a season which I would call chaotic. I am sure fans of Ferrari and McLaren are lost. It is a testament of what to come to football if one day FIFA and UEFA come together to finalize rules to make all clubs more even. A glimpse of how it will be if rules are created to make all clubs more balanced.

Monaco is coming next and many said it will be different because of the downforce factor. I will give my doubts. However, since it is a tight street race, it will be a totally different affair since overtaking is almost impossible. Probably there will be a difference in Monaco but that's about it. The fans may have to wait until Singapore for another street race to show a difference. Well, I have no idea how the season will end but as it seems right now, Jenson Button will be triumphant and invincible. I wonder how I will feel in his shoes. It is like suddenly out of the blues I become unstoppable because of the new rules. Will I win the world title with great satisfaction?



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