Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It is definitely the wrong time to have a durian season this time of the year. The reason is because of the crazy hot weather we are suffering from currently in Malaysia and Singapore. I am literally sweating everyday from the exposure to the heat in the outdoors. As you all know, durian, the king of fruits, is a very heaty fruit. If you consume this king of fruits, you really need to cool your body down significantly or you start to develop sore throat and be left in a difficult situation, especially during this H1N1 active period.

If you are in Johor Bahru, you can find durian at the range of RM3-6 per kilo. If you go slightly further north like Segamat or Muar, you can find durian in the range of RM1-3 per kilo depending on size and quality. I love the current durian season because it is the authentic durian that you are getting now, not those genetically engineered boring, mundane and consistent taste ones that comes with the D grades.

Now, the staff club of the university is organizing a durian buffet trip to Labis, Johor (a town which is about 60km from Muar) with bus transport and a shopping stopover in Johor Bahru for S$60 for guests and S$52 for members. I told my colleague that for S$60, which is about RM145, I can bring him to eat the RM3 per kilo durian and he can consume 48kg all by himself! That is definitely more than what he can eat for the buffet.

He answered, "Wow, that is 3/4 of my weight!"

I replied,"Very funny....."






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