Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We finally went to visit Pekin Restaurant to try the food after countless of people saying how good it is. My doctor friend eats there every weekend! Rich people....

This was supposed to be our first choice for holding the wedding dinner at Johor Bahru but I decided that the location will be hard to find for those coming from Singapore. The environment is also not nice and the place smells of oil from frying.

Pekin Restaurant has a few branches in Johor Bahru. You can check the website link for the rest. The one I gone to is rather old, probably had been there for ages.

No.38, Jalan Baldu Lima,
Taman Sentosa,
80150 Johor Bahru, Johor.
07-3332928, 3320902


Lala RM24 - yellow wine gives it a sweet taste which I don't really like. Coming from the Foochow background in Sibu, we are used to drinking our red wine not so sweet. This is the most expensive dish among all that we ordered.


Buns with pork RM12- when I first see the pork, I thought they serve us pork from the tin cans from China. They look so identical. Normally pork served with mantou ( 馒头) are darker in colour, almost pure black. However, once I tried the pork, it is absolutely great. Really damn nice! When I open the bun / mantou to insert the meat, I found out that they have sesame seed in them, which gives them all an extra nice flavour.

Pekin Duck RM23 - the sauce is way too sweet!!! In the end, we ate it without the sauce at all. This is the first time I saw the wrapper to be mixed with eggs to give it a yellowish colour. It tasted fine. The duck is well done, absolutely superb. I still miss the one I had in Kota Kinabalu, the one my 2nd granduncle brought us to eat.

Vegetable (Asparagus) RM8 - simple stirred fried version with garlic. Nothing to complain, well done.


Fu Zhou Yu Ni (orh nee) RM15 - my wife loves this yam dessert alot but we failed to find one here that is to our liking. Most people here like to present this dish with the oil with deep fried onions on top. It tasted weird, like having kampua instead. This one is great but they add glutinous rice as the cover for the yam. It tasted alright but perhaps we are too full already. This is also the first time where I see red bean to be used. I have seen people using pumpkin (as in our case too) and sometimes sweet potato. It is really good, not too sweet and yet tasted great. Next time we will see if we can order one without glutinous rice.

Nuts RM2 - average. I had tasted better ones before.

Tea RM3 - the Tie Guan Yin (铁观音) we ordered was miserable. There is no taste at all and is one of the worst things I had in Pekin Restaurant.

Rice RM1.20 - even the rice is well done.

Total RM88.20
GST 5% RM4.41

In the menu, I spotted the most expensive dish, Buddha Jumps Over the Wall (佛跳墙), to be priced at RM1,888. Mamamia!

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