Thursday, July 16, 2009


Another new record I see in Johor Bahru today! That means you can easily bargain for SGD1=RM2.445 minimum! Very close to the target of RM2.50. If this base rate stays stable, we can easily see a push to the target.

In Singapore, the exchange rate is SGD1= RM2.4420, I don't know how much you can bargain though.

Electricity rates will go up soon, bus and taxi fares to go up and a new fuel price rate coming soon that will further kill us consumers. Your pay never goes up, no bonus, bleak economy and the Ringgit value keeps falling. Maths and Science to go back to be taught in Bahasa Malaysia. Nobody on the streets trust the authorities anymore, even those who are suppose to protect us. These are good signs to give you a clear prediction of the future of the country.

Only good news? Any user who pays toll 80 times or more per month will be given a 20% discount. Use your brain and calculate. If you travel through the toll twice a day for 30 days a month (including weekends when you don't work), you can only reach 60 times. Even those lorry drivers who drive full time can't reach this target. This is only for users of the Touch and Go and Smart Tag systems, and not for those who use cash to pay for their tolls.


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