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My friend, Alvin, blogged about how good this movie was during his visit to Thailand recently. It must be good from a tough critique like him, who seems never to be too impressed with things, always maintaining his cool. Hehe! I mean if he thinks it is good, it must be good!

Russell seems like a very enthusiastic and energetic chubby boy who wants to achieve his best for his uniform body, despite meeting many challenges in life. He reflects me when I was just as active when I was in my primary school, wanting to achieve all the badges in my uniform group. You look at the amount of the badges on his uniform which is a testament of his determination to collect them all! He seems like a very cheerful boy who is so positive, very patient and never give up despite meeting a tough obstacle in a very stubborn and hard to please Mr. Carl. His over-enthusiastic qualities seems to get Mr. Carl very annoyed and irritated indeed. Mr. Carl looks like the I'm-not-interested-about-anything, I-don't-give-a-damn, I-don't-care, not-my-business type of man.

I guess the excitement that draws from the trailer is their exact contrast and opposites which will make them difficult to work as a team. However, stuck in a situation where both of them are in the same boat, I mean plane, I mean house that is flying around, Mr. Carl has no choice but to face the reality of going through his journey with Russell, no matter how reluctant he is with his annoyance and irritating characteristics. It resembles a grumpy old grandfather and a curious young grandson relationship bonding in an adventure of a lifetime. The ability to go through an adventure together despite the huge age gap between them is what will make the movie interesting.

I guess the adventure will get more exciting when they encounter a talking dog named Dug and a huge bird named Kevin along the way. The chemistry built between all four contrasting characters will definitely create a storyline which we can't wildly anticipate, definitely making the animated movie something worth waiting and watching for!

The main four characters are:




UP in Singapore Cinemas opening 7th August 2009”

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