Monday, August 17, 2009


When it comes to the Olympics, the World Cup, the university rankings or any good rankings, we are nowhere to be found. When it comes to bad things like H1N1 deaths, we are always somewhere at the top. With a population ranking of 45th biggest in the world, we can reach the rank of 9th highest death in the world. Today's death toll stands at 62. Singapore records the 11th death recently. We have a death rate of 2.148% from the total population, higher than five countries of the Top 8 list. We will soon overtake Canada!

1st – USA (436 deaths), Population:307,167,000 (3rd), 1.419%
2nd – Agentina (404 deaths), Population:40,482,000 (32nd), 9.980%
3rd – Brazil (192 deaths), Population:191,714,000 (5th), 1.001%
4th – Mexico (163 deaths), Population:107,550,697 (11th), 1.516%
5th – Chile (105 deaths), Population:16,951,000 (60th), 6.194%
6th – Australia (102 deaths), Population:21,880,000 (53rd), 4.661%
7th – Thailand (97 deaths), Population:63,389,730 (21st), 1.530%
8th – Canada (66 deaths), Population:33,749,000 (36th),1.956%
9th – Malaysia (59 deaths), Population:27,468,000 (45th), 2.148%

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