Sunday, August 30, 2009


AC Milan 0-4 Internazionale. I am not surprised if Inter Milan will rule the Serie A this season. AC Milan have zero effort at the transfer window to come up with any reputable signings.

I went down to watch in the 2nd half of the Manchester United VS. Arsenal match at the good mamak store opposite where I live now. Damn, it's fully packed so they have to especially set up more tables for us. It is clear that many Man. Utd. fans were around wearing the jersey. I have to be more observant to be able to detect the Arsenal fans who would automatically react in disgust every time the offence failed to find the back of the net.

I glanced at the huge projector screen and it showed 0-1 with Arsenal leading from an Arshvin goal. I watched the replay and it was a great scorcher from outside the penalty box. I expected a more urgent game in the 2nd half since Manchester United were trailing. They needed to draw at least. I ordered my drinks and my roti tissue and off we went to enjoy the match with the new table and chairs set up in front of the giant projector screen.

Arsenal started the half displaying their nice passing skill as always and expected of them. Manchester United were just able to steal some balls and went for high balls. The Gunners had more chances to score while The Red Devils went for quick set pieces. Wayne Rooney went into the penalty box and fell and a penalty was called. This match suddenly gave me the flashback back to the unbeaten run days of Arsenal. It was also Rooney who went down but at that time it was surely a diving. This time however, it looked more realistic and I would not say it was a dive. He converted the penalty in the 59th minute to level the score.

Although it seemed appropriate for the award of a penalty but people around me had been cursing since a more obvious contact earlier upon Arshavin did not materialize for penalty. Suddenly I heard fireworks being released just 10 metres away from my seat. The Devils fans were celebrating the equalizer. It is very near to the Hari Raya celebration so you will not be surprised with the ability of hearing and witnessing fireworks at this time of the year.

Arsenal's defence started to look disorganized, at times opening up so much space for the passes from Giggs to go through. It was really scary as at times it looked non-existent. They seemed to be panicking under pressure. In the 64th minute, Diaby scored an own goal as he headed the free kick into the Arsenal's goal mouth. Again a second fireworks exploded near us as the fans were celebrating yet again. After that, Arsenal did not look to give much pressure to equalize back the match. 5 minutes were added and until the final 10 seconds in the final offensive attack, Arsenal found the back of the net but Robin van Persie was alleged to be offside. I watched the replays and it seemed to be true. Fireworks erupted again at least 3 times to celebrate the win.

Wenger was frustrated and went to argue for the decision of the referee. He was sent off too. I guess he must be extremely angry with the way the match had gone. Arsenal was denied a penalty kick, got a penalty kick against them, an own goal, a goal denied in the final moments of the match for an offside. Who won't? I saw many frustrated Gunners fans around leaving in disgust when the final goal was denied. Well, I guess it was true bad luck, inexperience and the inability to take the pressure which lose the match for Arsenal. They need to learn from this and move on. The season is still very young so there is still plenty of matches to go.

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