Thursday, September 17, 2009


I went to the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition last night with my good pal, WK! It's good to update with him since he started practicing again. Well, the exhibition is called The Dead Sea Scrolls & The Ancient World but I was extremely disappointed because I was expecting the Dead Sea Scrolls to take the center stage and the highlight of the entire exhibition. It ended up with just 4 small fragments to be exhibited. I don't care if each of them is alleged to be able to fetch an asking price of USD400,000 but you don't give the exhibition that title eventhough the four fragments are the most precious items exhibited. It should be called The Evolution of the Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

What I learnt from the exhibition is the amount of hardship, suffering, persecution endured, dedication and passion by many important people in history to get us to what we have in the bible today. If it is not because of their determination to bring through the wisdom of God to survive till now, we could not have a chance to read it today. The exhibition gave a good summary of the history of the bible and how it was painstakingly preserved to be brought down from generations to generations, going through different eras, from hand copy to printing technology, surviving different reigns of kingdoms and the translation from one language to another. Now, when I see a bible, I will definitely appreciate it more and not take for granted for its existence. There are so many heroes behind it that give us the opportunity to read it today. I will talk in detail about the exhibition in another post when I have the time. For now, I shall remind myself not to take for granted the existence of the bible.

“Most human beings have an absolute and infinite capacity for taking things for granted” (Interestingly I saw this quote on the TV Mobile on the way to the exhibition in the bus)
Aldous Huxley quotes (English Novelist and Critic, 1894-1963)

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