Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well, I guess I should tell this little story since it's pretty funny (at least for me). Anyway, here's how it goes.

I was doing transfer between departments so in the process cleaning up some stuffs and moving some books. My colleague saw this book and got interested. I told him my brother left it behind to me as a 'souvenir'. He began reading the book and for the last few days I kept hearing him saying Shit jokes or quotes from that book. Oh well, if you can handle the joke and quote, you can just have a good laugh.


Alright, soon last Monday we went to the canteen to pack lunch as it's common to have it fully loaded with people that you need a lot of luck to secure a table. We ordered from the same store, then we went to get fruit juices in packets since the fresh fruit juice stall has a long queue which extends to the next store. We ate lunch happily that day. We also moved into the new office so we are using the new water dispenser.

Now, that evening he texted me saying he has diarrhea. He was checking with me whether I am fine. I told him I was feeling fine despite ordering food at the same stall with him. I told him probably it was the fruit juice. I advised him to check the expiry date. Well, we never experience them selling expired fruit drinks but just in case. The next day he was on MC. It was serious! I told him to drink 100Plus. Well, on Wednesday (yesterday), he finally came to work and told me the fruit juice is not expired. Then, he said perhaps he did something bad. You know, karma. Haha!

He continued his shit jokes and quotes later. Then, the lightbulb just struck me.

"Ah hah, I know why you are having diarrhea! It must be all the indulgence in the Shit book all this week. Your body naturally started to adapt to the influx of shit jokes and quotes and interpreted it naturally to generate lotsa shit! Hahaha!" I shared with him my revolutionary explanation.

"Maybe it's true. Hahaha!" he replied.

Last night, he texted me again.

"It is really good not to have a single shit for the entire day!"

I texted him back.

"No shit all day
Makes the man gay (happy)"

Shit indeed. Then this morning another friend is getting MC for diarrhea as well. The only difference is she was not exposed to the Shit book.




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