Monday, January 04, 2010


My first half animated 3D movie. Ice Age 3 was my first ever 3D movie but it is a full animated movie. I consider Avatar 50% animated. I think watching movies in 3D is tiring. At least that's what I felt, more so for non-animated films. I felt the pain at my head, specifically at the zone between my eyes and ears.

I did not watch Titanic so I don't know what to expect from James Cameron. This movie is good regardless. I felt like I was taken to another fantasy world or dimension. I guess the 3D glasses do contribute to some degree to that feeling. Well, the 3D effects are quite good, especially in some occassions where the feeling of depth is very apparent. You do feel that some things are closer to you. The rich and vibrant colour combination is the greatest attraction this movie is portraying of this so called planet environment. Of course by portraying a totally new environment, the curiosity is always there to explore the scenes all the time.

Although the storyline is quite predictable but the side effects, the animated graphics and the new world adventure is enough to grab your attention and take your breath away. It is worth your money and do try to watch it in 3D if possible. Enjoy!




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