Saturday, May 26, 2012


No urgency for Bilbao to play in this final match. It feels like a friendly. The defenders kept sending back passes to the goalie even in such dangerous situations while the goalie seemed to be challenged never to kick high balls to clear from urgent situations. When they got their rare chances in front of goal, they squandered them, even some really decent open chances.

I did not wake up early enough to watch how the first goal was scored but the 2nd and 3rd goal were scored both in such situations.  Bilbao played as if they were prepared to lose the match. They played as if they were in a friendly and with no urgency to catch up with Barcelona. Guardiola won his final match and tournament as Barcelona's coach. This is probably the last competitive match before the EURO2012!

Congratulations to Barcelona for winning the Copa del Rey and Messi for adding one more goal to already an incredible season loaded with goals!

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