Tuesday, June 19, 2012


To be honest, Croatia were the better team in front of goal while Spain played badly in comparison with the previous two matches. There were some really nervous situations where better timed shots could have resulted in goals by Croatia. There was a Ramos challenge in the 1st half which could have resulted in a penalty. I could not understand why Spain can't start with Fabregas and a striker in the same match? I believe a draw will be a fairer result. Jesus Navas scored the easy goal for Spain via an assist from Iniesta whom got the chipped ball from Fabregas to beat the outside trap deep into the second half. Overall, quite an exciting match where I believe Croatia created many problems to the unreliable Spanish defence in front of Casillas.

Meanwhile, at the same time, Italy beat Ireland 2-0 thanks to goals from Cassano and Balotelli. Cassano's header scored via the corner kick by Pirlo. Diamanti's corner met with a bicycle kick by Balotelli deep in the 2nd half. As for now, Holland are out of the competition. Czech Republic are playing Portugal while Germany are playing Greece in the two quarterfinal matches which are confirmed.

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