Saturday, June 23, 2012


Well, the Germans are expected to be in the final. Greece are not expected to create another miracle in the EURO competition. Lahm, the left back and captain, gave the Germans the lead with a curl ball from outside the penalty box. The goal came after a few good chances that did not materialize, with one of them disallowed for offside. Germany attacked more in the first half, controlling around 70% of the possessions while Greece parked a bus in front of their goal.

By the second half, the Germans have been wasting quite a number of chances again. They were caught off guard in one of the Greeks' counter attacks which resulted in a goal from the right in the 55th minute. Germany responded within 5 minutes later with an impressive Kheidara goal from a right cross. Then, just shortly afterwards, in less than 10 minutes, another goal from the right cross yet again for a header by Klose. Not long after around the 74th minute, Reus scored a goal into an empty net after the goalie fell from stopping a Klose shot which fell in front of him. Greece got a goal late in the match courtesy of a penalty kick from a handball by Boeteng in the penalty box.

Germany, with their impressive 15th consecutive win, broke the record with the longest in the run. They will face either England or Italy in the semis.

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