Saturday, October 16, 2004


2 matches played n r u guys satisfied with e outcome? any shock surprises? like e 1st match where italy was defeated? or beckham's stupid booking? we also c how usa scored 6 goals passed panama ferociously. or how both brazil n argentina scored veli huge convincing wins in their 1st match but manage no goals in e 2nd 2 settle 4 draws?

as i said earlier, many great footballers r going 2 put their clubs in front of their countries. so i wun b surprised if we have many shocking qualifying countries who may have nvr qualified 4 e wc b4. 4 england? they r alwiz famous 2 creating alot of noise. just 4 beckham's stupidness on e pitch after his masterclass goal, people said he is killing himself 4 dat. we heard of jenas' debut n owen's goal. then we c how henry finally scored 4 his country n raul continued 2 add 2 his tally. with shevy's scoring abilities, he may even carry ukraine into e world cup after he failed 2 do so 4 euro 2004.

well, 4 now, let's focus on club football 4 tis weekend. i am also setting up tis footie best players of e week at e rite hand bar of tis blog. hope it will make it more interesting. u guys can comment who should not b in there n who should. all e best! live life football style!


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