Monday, November 29, 2004


i watched both e matches....liverpool & inter home matches. i admit i was half awake when i watched both matches becoz i did not have much sleep e day earlier, like barely 4-5 hours. so u can say dat i am like 50% unconscious during e matches. i also watched e milan & newcastle matches earlier so i guess i was flat out after dat.

1st of all, i have e impression dat liverpool will play lousy boring football b4 e clash with arsenal. i was veli disappointed waking up 2 watch e dull champions league match earlier of last week. but it seems dat liverpool played beyond my expectations & performed quite well despite missing many of their stars. 2 magic moments were enuf 4 liverpool 2 seal e game with a win but i will say dat they did deserve e victory since they appeared 2 b e better side thru e nite. arsenal looked chaotic overall, disorganized & looking veli unsettled.

inter were trailing by 2 goals b4 they grabbed a draw late into e 2nd half. they r just incredible 2 b able 2 draw so much! haha! managed 2 c 1 of my fav. stars, recoba performed 4 a while. glad as well dat vieri is finally finding e net. martins should b singled out 2 b e brilliant player who created havoc 2 e defence of juventus. he is 2 me e man of e match. he was fantastic on e ball & supplying abundance of dangerous balls into e penalty box.

on e other news, thierry henry, ronaldinho & andrei shevchenko will battle it out 2 b named e FIFA World Player of e Year next month. i am pretty surprised by e last 3 candidates. henry onli won e league title with arsenal. shevchenko too. but dat's it. wat about country honours? ronaldinho? i think he won nothing. but if u ask me solely on individual performances, i will say ronaldinho should get it. he was e major reason 4 e rise of barca 2 finish 2nd last season. he was consistent as well as now too. surprised deco is not around. who do u guys think among e 3 deserves it?


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