Thursday, September 20, 2007


Is this a joke or just a rumour? Who will take over his job in Chelsea?

Please, don't let it be Capello!!!

I heard Guus Hiddink and Juande Ramos could be potential candidates.

On the other note, it is great to see Raul being played back to his original position. It is great to see him start scoring goals like the good old days. I could be wrong but he could still have some great form in him before retiring completely. Can he bring the 10th Champions League to Real Madrid with his partner, van Nistelrooy? Both of them have crazy scoring records in the Champions League. It is looking good so far. Still, my worry is the overload of players in some positions in the team. Sooner or later, some players will start complaining. For example, Saviola was completely left out in the match.

I am surprised that Arsenal thrashed Sevilla. I was expecting a more balanced match. Arsenal are the team to beat this season and Fabregas is on fire. Barcelona also thrashed Lyon. This was expected since many great players had left Lyon. It may take them some time to rebuild another strong team yet again.


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