Thursday, October 04, 2007


It looks like most of the clubs are bringing in their league form into the Champions League as well.

Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea won but Liverpool lost.

Barcelona, Sevilla won, Real Madrid drew and Valencia lost.

Inter Milan won, Lazio drew, Roma and AC Milan lost.

Lyon continue to lose and so are Werder Bremen.

It is just weird not to be able to see Bayern Munich in the Champions League. Well, Milan's form have been really bad lately but we should never discard them off completely. Last season was a good evidence and reminder of how their form could change so drastically. As the fortunes of Barcelona continue to improve, we see a more dangerous Messi everyday. His form is as good as Fabregas that they decided to employ a personal bodyguard for him. Fabregas and Messi are the reasons behind their clubs' great form. As for Real Madrid, their defence continues to be shaky eventhough they bought so many defenders. They have to start solving it or else, they will start suffering from defeats.

Inter's season looking fine so far but like how the past had always prove, they just don't have the consistency. We shall see as it progresses. Whatever it is, Ibrahimovic is on form and it is great to see Figo still playing like how he always is. As for Sevilla, their striker Kanoute is the man of the moment, banging in goals like there is no tomorrow. As for Chelsea, it is back to normal again for them seeing Drogba and Cole on the scoresheet. Manchester United have not been able to score a lot of goals lately but at least they are winning and their prized asset, Rooney is scoring.


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