Friday, June 20, 2008


Germany went through and Portugal again fell short of winning anything from the big stage. Will Big Phil move on to coach Chelsea? Will Cristino Ronaldo go to Real Madrid (eventhough I very much feel that they don't need him)? Who will be Portugal's new coach if Scolari leaves?

The last World Cup very much showed that teams that played well in the group stages would not guarantee that they will perform well in the knock-out stages. France was the greatest example from the last World Cup.

Thus, I am not surprised when Germany begin to wake up. Italy may also do the same. The question that is lingering in everyone's mind is whether Holland and Spain will collapse when it is needed most to win. They always have the past records of doing that when it matters most. This time however, they were playing much more convincingly in the group stages. Upsets seem to be a far cry for this EURO2008. Whatever it is, let's sit back and enjoy the show!

Spain, how far can you go?


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