Thursday, April 28, 2005


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David Tao is coming for a promotional concert to promote his new album, The Great Leap. My room mate keeps on persuading me to go with him but I don't know a single song by him! No point wasting money for him. There are a few ways to get entry passes. One of them is to buy his album which comes with the ticket. My room mate went to do just that.

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The most funny thing is that my room mate also don't know a single song from him! That is so unbelievable. Do you go to a concert not knowing a single song by the artist? Interesting right? What else is your reason of going? Looking at the chicks? Perhaps. Anyway, he is a taiwanese R&B musician and will have an exclusive one-hour showcase.

There is one very interesting song in the album. It is titled Sula & Lampa! Reminds me of Frank Lampard, i mean, you know what I mean! Hahaha! I heard the song and the pronounciation is super accurate. You can imagine I laughed my head off when I heard my room mate played that song!

What is with him having poses showing off his fingers? Look at both the album cover and the ticket. Are they really so nice? I don't think so. After hearing his songs and looking at his appearance, I think he looks and sounds very gentle and soft. He doesn't have a powerful voice and he definitely looks gay to me! Haha!


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