Friday, May 13, 2005


I just could not believe it. My 1st job interview is held today and it is Friday the 13th. It went alright, I managed to answer all their questions without delay. The only bad thing is that I am short selling myself. It seems that it is written all over their faces that I should describe more of the projects I had done. They seemed abit shock that I ended early. I mean it seems that they expect me to go through every single project I had done.

Whatever the outcome, I finally go through my first job interview and that itself was an experience. I'm glad that I get over it. Well, it's time to send more job applications after this. Singapore is still generally very hot these few days. I cannot stand it! My goodness, I wonder how I can survive here if it goes on and on like this.

There seems to be alot of noise regarding the possible take over of Manchester United by Malcolm Glazer. The American business tycoon has taken his stake in the club to 71.8%. It will be interesting to see the changes he will bring to Manchester United if he really successfully take over. It seems highly possible any time soon!


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