Thursday, May 05, 2005


I am facing the crossroad now. No, don't think of Britney Spears' lousy movie! Finished all my exams and graduating this mid year, thinking whether to serve my 3 years bond to work in Singapore or furthering my studies. Today, two professors from Architecture department called me up for a meeting regarding the masters degree research in bringing in models into virtual reality world software. However, I am still asking myself whether I want to go down this road. If I choose this route, it will be no turning back!

If I am to pursue this research, I will be dealing with alot of technology of virtual reality as well as trying to bring the finished product for web publishing. This is a decision I need to make by Monday.

With this research experience, I can teach, work for private companies doing R&D in CAD and visualization, or even computer games. Consultancy in this field for architects is also a good work. Frankly, since from young age, I have an ambition to be a computer game creator. Haha! That dream is still burning hot somewhere in my heart. If this area of research will open the door to this field, I won't mind a gamble. Konami, Capcom, Electronic Arts, Tecmo, Eidos....these companies just make me smile and happy! :)

Argh! Life! Why must we make decisions? I need serious discussions with my love ones.


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