Sunday, May 08, 2005


The Italian and Spanish leagues seem to be dragging to the end of the season before we can know the winners. However, Barcelona is having a huge certainty of being the champions as they have a big advantage at this stage of the season. It seems that it is too late for Real Madrid to catch up already. There are 4 matches left to play for Barcelona and only 3 matches for Real Madrid after early this morning's victory.

Valencia Vs. Barcelona

Real's time is running short. They will have to pray hard that Valencia will beat Barcelona to have any more chance from now on. If Barcelona draw or win, chances are getting slimmer. The 6 points advantage is just too much.

AC Milan Vs. Juventus

People say this match should determine the outcome of the Italian league champion very soon. Both have 76 points with 4 matches to play. The winner will definitely not be the declared winner but will have a slight advantage. Something inside me want Juventus to win for all the luck that Milan is having.

Arsenal Vs. Liverpool

This will be an interesting match at this time of the season. After Manchester United only managed a draw, I wonder how Arsenal will prepare for this match. Liverpool seem to have nothing else left to fight for in the league so I don't know how they will play either. They are now 6 points behind Everton with 2 matches left to play, still a mathematical chance to chase though. Will they have all their starting 11 rested for the sake of Champions League? This is also not to risk any injuries definitely.

25th May 2005 is the Champions League final in Istanbul. AC Milan's fight in the league with Juventus could give Liverpool the advantage they need to fully prepare for it.


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