Sunday, May 15, 2005


FC Sevilla 2 - 2 Real Madrid
Levante 1 - 1 Barcelona

This scoreline is enough to give Barcelona the title. Now, the final champion undecided will be the Serie A league. There will be the Italian Cup and Spanish Cup finals yet to be played. Apart from that, other ultimate finals are:

UEFA Cup final - 18 May 2005
English FA Cup final - 21 May 2005
UEFA Champions League final - 25 May 2005

After that, football will have some rest before next season starts. For this season, the most shameful team must be Newcastle for making news for the wrong reasons. Last season, Kaka to me is the best footballer. This season, I think everybody agrees that Lampard is the best. Yet, I thought Robben should be considered too if not for his constant bad luck with injuries. Other than that, Gerrard had his moments of glory but also injury cutting short his season. The best footballer to me is Ronaldinho.

Still, those finals could bring out the best of other individuals not mentioned. Hopefully, an entertaining finish to the season. I wish I am in Istanbul on 25 May 2005!!!


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