Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Samuel Eto'o may have a great scoring record but he is starting to piss me off. He is a very arrogant player. Remember during the Chelsea Vs. Barcelona match how he was so confident they will go through that no English clubs will past that stage? So is the time when he was saying that Madrid just need to walk in the park to win over Barcelona and it was sure luck during the duel between them few weeks ago?

Now? Samuel Eto'o sang a ridiculous song against Real Madrid during Barcelona's title celebrations in Camp Nou on Sunday. The Cameroon grabbed the microphone in front of the packed stadium and chanted 'Madrid b****rds, salute the champions'.

I think he has no respect for his opponents and I hope someday he learnt his lesson the hard way! Why do you need to show off to the whole world and look down on your opponents like that? It just make people disrespect you even for your ability to score goals. He does not behave like a professional at all.


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