Saturday, May 14, 2005


Tomorrow morning will mark the champs of the La Liga. There is no reason I can give for Barcelona to lose to Levante. Levante is the 4th last club on the table and it looks very certain Barcelona can wrap up everything! Real Madrid will play a very difficult opponent in FC Sevilla. It will surely be tough for them to win this one. Even with their fine form of run of late, it is basically too late to catch up. Why is it that the run only come so late into the season?

Talks of transfers will be hot from now onwards since the season is almost over. It looks likely Edu will leave the Gunners but what about Bergkamp? It is very hard to tell right now. Iceman to me is still among the best veterans around but he is as old as a goalie! Figo also seems very likely to leave Real Madrid. I wish it will be Joaquin who will be coming. I love that guy! He is damn good! Don't buy another forward unless it is Robinho!

The amount of players that are linked with Barcelona is scary! I wonder where they get all the money to buy so many players? In fact, I begin to think that Barcelona have a bigger squad than Chelsea. At least if not, both of them have so many players! I wonder where Barcelona get all the money from after they were so much in debt before Joan Laporta took over. I do a simple count of comparison of players for the top clubs in Europe. Here is the finding:

1. Barcelona - 35 players (19 star players)
2. Real Madrid - 31 players (16 star players)
3. Juventus - 28 players (15 star players)
4. AC Milan - 25 players (20 star players)
5. Inter Milan - 33 players (17 star players)
6. Chelsea - 30 players (20 star players)
7. Arsenal - 37 players (16 star players)
8. Manchester United - 36 players (20 star players)
9. Liverpool - 33 players (17 star players)

*Note: The count excludes player on loan. For example, I don't count Riquelme & Saviola for Barcelona or Crespo & Veron for Chelsea

The star players mean the famous and good footballers in the team which is being decided by myself. It is around there, not exactly. You realize that Arsenal have the biggest squad! Star players wise, it is Chelsea, AC Milan and Manchester United to have the most. Of course, age wise, most players in Manchester United are going to retire soon as they are from the previous generation. AC Milan have in between while Chelsea have a young squad. Juventus have the smallest squad though. Juventus also have the least star players, to be followed by Arsenal and Real Madrid.


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