Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Congratulations Liverpool! They deserve to go through. They played with great pride and strength to win this match. Their defence is very organized and their passing very effective. Carragher is my man of the match. He is everywhere. Hamann's presence was a surprise but I'm glad he is back. Kewell's short presence replacing him was also worthy of mention.

Liverpool went against all odds to win this match. Both sides cannot contain possessions for long. A Luis Garcia goal is enough! Chelsea did not look like a side that is interested to go through. They looked calm and without any urgency to win the match. Probably the celebration of the league is too much over them?

Well, Lampard and company did not look like threatening the goal at all. Tiago as always looks so similar like van Nistelrooy, whoever is 1 metre near him will be hurt really bad everywhere possible. Terry has been too aggresive whole night. Cole dribbles had been read a few times and stolen. Robben wasn't passing effectively or dribbling well but still sent in some dangerous crosses. Still not up to full fitness.

Both starmen from both teams, Lampard and Gerrard were not providing much impact to the match as expected. Still, overall a good match to watch. Some silly clowns running into the pitch towards the end of the match. It seems that it is a likely Liverpool VS. Milan final. It will be a shocker if it is not!!!


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