Friday, May 06, 2005


This is among the easiest softwares to use that I have ever come across. There is much hype about it when it was first introduced in my school about a year or two ago.

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People told me all the good things about SketchUp. I was quite impressed by it when I finally went down to try it yesterday. It is very user friendly, very easy to learn and very simple and interesting software.I did some sketchy stuff and this is the result of the exploration. I don't know what I had drawn, it is just a combo of playing around with all the tools and functions as well as the materials available.

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I honestly don't know how far this software can go but it is very unique and interesting by itself. The sketchy rendering lines really are the beauty of this software. They just make the sketchings by the computers look so real. Haha! Another few tries and I should be able to get a hang of it and master it. A must try if you have the time to check out.


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