Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Real Madrid VS. Arsenal

Chelsea VS. FC Barcelona

These are the two matches to be shown live over the next two days. I will surely catch both of them regardless of whatever circumstances!

Real Madrid are hosting the Gunners and they must be careful of the veterans Henry, Ljungberg, Pires as well as Reyes and Fabregas. With good marking of these players only victory is possible. I will give Madrid the edge as the host in this match. We need to win if we don't want to suffer in Highbury in the return leg. Albeit all the good results of late, Real are always very shaky in defence and giving away easy goals at home is the biggest weakness we have to be kicked out of the Champions League.

Chelsea are at home so they must try to score against Barcelona in order to have the advantage. Ronaldinho, Eto'o, Messi and Deco are dangerous players they have to mark really tight. If not, they will make Chelsea suffer. I will honestly think Barcelona are a more dangerous side but it won't be easy to score against Chelsea. I wish Chelsea can win but advantage is given to Barcelona for those quality of players they have in their arsenal. This will be a close and most exciting match of the last 16!


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