Tuesday, May 23, 2006


My bro and I have been trying to make and improve on our cheesecake and I can say this time, it is closest to the quality I can say acceptable. Baking cheesecake is a pain in the ass! I tried many cheesecakes from any possible sources and I have to admit that Secret Recipe really make the ultimate best cheesecake I ever tasted. The condition of cheese is not too dry or too wet. That balance is what we always failed to achieve.

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Since we don't have blender, we use manual hand power to beat the damn cream cheese till it is soft enough before we put it into the oven. This is the most painful procedure of the whole process. I guess that is what you have to suffer for being poor.

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Why is the balance so hard to achieve? Well, most recipes you find around are for 9-inch pans. We can only find a 10-inch pan. The difference will mean alot of trial and error in terms of baking time and temperature control. This is one thing which is extremely sensitive for the cheesecake. A little big more or less makes a big difference to the outcome.

The crumbs as the base is not too hard to make. The sour cream at the top which sometimes is substituted with yoghurt can be abit harder to control to the extent we want. This time though, we totally don't even bother to have it. It turned out alright but just abit more wetness / moisture in the cheese will be perfect! Well, I hope we can reach the desired standard in our next try.


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