Sunday, May 21, 2006


First, the Ballack transfer is settled. Then, it was Henry's which had just been settled. Now, Shevchenko, the son of Milan. I could not believe this guy is interested to leave Milan unless there is really a good reason for it. He has always been the person I will think who will play there for life because season after season, he stood firm of staying. This time, he suggested something and there were no reports of denial! Normally, in the football world, when what was reported is pure rubbish and rumour, in the next 2-3 days, the player will deny it as soon as possible. This is not the case this time.

Well, unlike Henry, Milan is faced with more ageing squad. If you ask me, it is time they clean up the squad with more new young faces! They can be the most ageing club in Europe after Real Madrid and Juventus. If Shevchenko really goes to Chelsea and with Ballack already there, I don't see any more reasons why Chelsea cannot retain the Premier League title and win a couple more next few seasons. Ballack and Shevchenko can still give another 2-3 years of their prime football performance to the world to enjoy.

As for the Sarawak Election results, the oppositions do us proud by increasing their seats! I am proud of their showing! It is also a reminder that the people has eyes and are more educated. Heaven has eyes! The most interesting thing was that I heard people telling me that the DAP talks in town are all full of people but the SUPP is quiet. I also heard DAP's Lim Kit Siang went to take a photo of Wong Soon Koh's million Ringgit house and asked the people where the money come from? Haha! Wrong time to build your house dude! Do it after the election so it is not so obvious to the people who are cheated. I am proud because the wins in Sibu are alot but mere hundred over votes. People claimed that all these votes come from army and soldier mailing votes all arranged by the office themselves. If not, more defeats can be seen!

I also heard the victories in most areas of the SUPP are extremely slim. It is time they know their arrogance have upset the people. It is obvious that they give excuses of buying votes, bettings and all sort of dirty tricks the opposition may use. Well, it shows that they never learn. More seats to the opposition in the next election!!! DAP, fly your rockets high! To me, a government with no opposition power is totally not democratic. When someone in power is sitting up there for too long, it is not healthy for the whole system. When a government has absolute total power, most of the time, the people will suffer and power abuse is highly possible. With more competition in oppositions in the parliament, there will be more humility, less arrogance and more improvement. If there are no competitors, you will not improve.


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