Tuesday, May 23, 2006


After the overwhelming news of Henry's tranfer for the past few months, I am now sick of the news of David Beckham wanting to finish his career in Real Madrid as many times a week for the last month. I am sick of him assuring his interest in the club. I do appreciate his hardwork for the club but I just feel he lacks that special touch to influence match results when it really matters!

We all know he is getting older, his hardwork never gave him any great results in an important Real Madrid match and he is no longer the most expensive player in the world in advertisement earnings. In other words, his value is dropping and I don't see anymore economic excuse for Real Madrid to retain him. Yes, he is one of the most hated players I have to have come to Real Madrid and it is obvious that his arrival starts the title droughts. He may be England's captain but I read alot of people saying he doesn't have such leadership qualities. I for one agree John Terry is far more a better captain for England or even Rio Ferdinand. They have the authority and self-confidence cries they possess to spur the team from the back that he lacks. You hardly see him communicating on the field.

The guy famous only for good crosses and freekicks hardly score any freekicks nowadays compare to his Red Devil days. He is basically a lousy dribbler, a lousy tackler and he is there today more because of hard work than talent. I have never seen a single time in his days playing for Real Madrid doing something great to change the outcome of a major match. Talents like Ronaldinho influence match results and deliver when it is needed most. These are the differences that divides between a hardworking and a talented player. Talents shine when they are needed most, he just disappeared!

Real Madrid are going for the elections and I have no idea how the future will be like over there. It will be an overall change that may swing from bad to worse or the opposite. I hope they can just get something clearly done and I can just remain positive. I don't want David Beckham in the team, I blamed his arrival for Luis Figo's exit and I still am! I just feel he is not technically gifted as a footballer but I really appreciate his hardwork and determination. Well, I just feel it is not enough to make a difference to the outcome of matches.


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