Wednesday, May 17, 2006


The moment of truth is here. This is probably the last biggest club competition of the season before we adjourn for the World Cup! Early this morning, both Real Madrid and Valencia lost, giving luck to Madrid to secure second place. Really pure luck!

I read about this referee who was spotted wearing the Barcelona jersey, haha! Sucker! Uefa panicked and had announced that assistant referee Ole Hermann Borgan has been replaced just 24 hours before the final. With fears of his impartiality being at stake, Borgan had admitted his mistake whilst insisting he would approach the game in a fair manner. Both coaches had also played down the row but the Uefa Referees Committee has now decided to replace Borgan just 24 hours before the final. As a result the official has been replaced by compatriot Arild Sundet.

Now, let's focus on the final match in Paris!

Barcelona or Arsenal to be the upcoming European champions?

I personally go crazy over Ronaldinho skills so you know who I hope to win. Still, past football finals have shown that underdogs can win if they work really damn hard! The question here is, is it enough to stop the best player in the world right now? I already made a vow that whoever plays better football in the final, regardless of who will win, I will dig into my bank account and buy the jersey eventhough Nike jerseys are damn expensive selling at S$170 in Singapore! Either Henry's or Ronaldinho's. Messi could start so it could be him or Eto'o or Fabregas who may steal the show from those two great players.

The worst possible scenario is to fall asleep and miss this match. This is unacceptable for a football fan! We all hope for the best final yet and alot of entertaining beautiful game of football. Whoever loses, better luck next season. It could be Barcelona who can finally get their second trophy or Arsenal who can finally get their first!


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