Monday, May 15, 2006


The Italian football is always famous for match fixing and having clubs who are in great debts and were occassionally almost banned from playing, at least in the Serie A. Now, this allegations of Juventus colluding with Italian Football Federation officials over who would referee the games had forced the whole Juventus board to resign and finally Luciano Moggi as general manager of Juventus. Apparently, it is his conversation with officials through his phone that was tapped. There is also the question of the role of his son's football agency involvement in the game.

Now, that is not the end of the story. The Italian prosecutors are also looking into Milan, Fiorentina and Lazio with over 40 people investigated. Italian referee Massimo De Santis has been pulled out from the proposed refereeing the finals. The last two titles could also be stripped and having Juventus demoted to Serie B. I thought Real Madrid are in the deeper shit but it seems like Juventus have a even bigger problem in their hands. I wonder what will happen to the scudetto of this season too but right now, Juventus are the champions.

There could be a possibility that Milan be awarded all 3 titles if Juventus are proven to be connected to the referee selections unless they are also proven to be involved in the whole scandal. We have seen the ugliest side of football in Italy if everything that is claimed is true. Spain has the racism problems. England? They too have abit of racism problems as well as hooliganism. I hope all these scandals are solved before the World Cup so all the players involved in the particular clubs will be able to focus.

Now, let's look at the transfer rumours. Shevchenko plans to leave Milan? Van Nistelrooy's Manchester United career will end? Samuel Eto'o will leave Barcelona with Henry coming? Crespo going back to Italy and Robben going to Real Madrid? Ballack going to Chelsea? Adriano will stay in Inter? All these rumours or news will probably be fully confirmed within the next one month. Seriously, I would love Robben to be in Real Madrid. He is to me one of the most promising players of last and this season. I'm sure many of you heard me singing praises of him over and over again.

I went to check out the jerseys of Arsenal, Barcelona and Brazil. The World Cup Nike jersey of different countries will have a very big emblem or logo. The price of Bergkamp and Henry Arsenal jerseys as well as Ronaldinho Barcelona jersey are priced at S$170 with Champions League badge at the sleeve. Without it, it will be S$140. Man, it is getting so much more expensive than before. Generally, Nike jerseys are far more expensive than Adidas jerseys.



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