Saturday, June 03, 2006


I don't know about you guys but do you guys ever have irritating experiences with the handphones you are using everyday? There are a few irritating behaviours by people nowadays that just pisses me off.

1. The type who cannot afford to answer a call

When you call them, they will not pick up the phone no matter how many year it rings. This is because in Singapore, most phone plans will have the receiver having to be charged as well for handling calls. Therefore, they just don't want to pay and hence, will only use the phone for SMS. These people should not buy a handphone at all!

2. Even the SMS is too expensive to use

There is another type who use prepaid plans. In Singapore, this is the only plan where you don't have free SMS and calls. Normal postpaid plans will mostly give you around 300-900 SMS per month for free and some free minutes of call too. Those falling under this category are the ones who don't even want to send or reply SMS or calls because it is too expensive! You will then ask why they are having a phone for? It is for the use of receiving a call and then using the office phone to call you back. If the person is not in office, they will not answer you back. Then, you will ask what the heck they even bother to give their handphone number to people? I am curious to know too!

3. The type who reply after years

This is the type who never reply your SMS or who failed to see the SMS sent to their phones. Incredible right? They totally missed the SMS sent to their phones! What kind of excuse is this? When you finally call them to ask about their reply, they will tell you they forget about it totally! These types of people are normally answering you in at least 1-2 hours time or at least half a day later or not at all. When they do reply, they don't expect to give you any excuses for such a long delay and do it again any other time. Same thing for answering calls, it could take them 100 rings before they answer your call, just in time before the mailbox starts.

4. Mailbox and silent mode users

These are the most irritating bunch of them all. When you call them, after 1-3 rings, you are connected to the mailbox and almost all the time they are in silent mode. You will then ask why they even bother to have a handphone if they always never bother to answer calls? You tell me!

Well, all these four mentalities of people are very much around Singapore. I encountered many people like that. I really wonder why they even bother to have a phone if they fall in one of the 4 categories. If answering or making a call or SMS is so expensive, then don't bother to have it in the first place. Secondly, if your replies take ages or no replies at all, don't bother to have too because people will be irritated especially when there are plans involved from getting an answer from you fast enough.


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