Friday, June 02, 2006


There are only 4 matches out of 64 in Singapore to be shown live in public tv. 4 matches! I repeat, 4 matches! Wtf!!! I hope I can get to find some Malaysian tv channels from the tv by adjusting the correct frequencies! Dammit! At least they show far more than what Singapore has! The commercialism level of Singapore means you can only watch more matches through the cable tv!

So, what's the biggest transfer news after Ballack? Shevchenko to Chelsea of course. Well, who will bet Chelsea won't win more than the Premier League next season? They are building a hell of a team not only with the Galaticos status like Perez's dream team of the early 2000s, but this one has so many good players, it will never follow the same mistake as Perez. This team has the economic scale far more powerful than Real Madrid can afford and hence, they bought if not the best player for every position, at least the best top 10 of every position in the world.

This system will not fail like the Real Madrid system because Real Madrid system was only getting the best mixed with the youths and the top 100 in the world standard players. With Shevchenko bought, they probably have so much weight in their team they are almost invincible soon. Another good defender and striker will make Chelsea invincible. They are probably incredibly unstoppable now! They just have too many players at their disposal and too many options to play anybody anywhere. How can such a club fail apart? As long as the billionaire keeps on pumping in the money, the system will sustain and won't fail!

Well, with the Italian league in chaos, I am in no surprise nobody is interested to go there, even for Drogba who insisted about going to Milan earlier on. I guess when the investigation is ongoing, people are fearing to play for Milan or Juventus because there is a possibility they will play in Serie B next season. I guess Shevchenko apart from family matters, will know very clearly that the future is very uncertain in Milan. Morever, Milan's like the old Real Madrid filled with old men in their retirement age. I don't expect Milan to provide much sting in the next season in Europe if they don't pump in new faces.


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