Thursday, July 20, 2006


Cannavaro and Emerson go to Real Madrid?

Zambrotta and Thuram go to Barcelona?

Fabregas can go to Real Madrid in exchange of Robinho and Baptista?

Just don't bring van Nistelrooy and C.Ronaldo please. Sell the fat Ronaldo!

Well, we have seen some big transfers but I am not so sure about the Barcelona one as yet. Real Madrid fail to bring in any of the four promised players - Kaka, C.Ronaldo, Robben and Fabregas. The president is under tremendous pressure. All four are difficult to be transferred in the very first place as all 4 are precious to their respective clubs. Real will need to sell or loan one of the three non-EU places taken up by Robinho, Baptista and Cicinho. I wonder how it is going to be solved.

Now, the new Real Madrid jersey is actually quite nice but the stupid BenQ ad spoils the whole jersey! With the Italian coach and central defender, hopefully it will solve Real Madrid's defensive problems. With the Italian connection and since they are the best in the world in defence, hopefully it will restore some stability in front of Casillas.

Finally, Christian Vieri is retiring?!!! Are you serious? Damien Duff leaving Chelsea? I hope Capello can decide wisely, I hope he knows what is needed in a team like Real Madrid after 3 years of emptiness. He mentioned 3 more signings. I like Damien Duff but I don't know about whether Madrid need him since they worship Beckham. I personally think Damien Duff has more skills than David Beckham and age is on his side too. I heard Gravesen wants out and Arsenal fans are furious with Ashley Cole. Madrid needs someone to support Carlos at the left. I heard abit about the rumour of interest of Eric Abidal of Lyon.


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